The Opinion Reflex: Take Command

This is a post from Maureen Merill, a communications consultant based in Santa Rosa. See the original post here. ___________________ In a recent post I suggested that most of think that we’re better listeners than others are. And, if you asked six people about that, you’d likely get not just six answers, but six –or more – opinions on the… Read more →

The Value of Donor-Centered Development

I am a firm believer that charitable giving by individuals is intrinsic and inherent in our nature.  The definition of Philanthropy is, “Love of Mankind.”  The sense of fulfillment that comes from helping others often motivates those who work in the non-profit world.  So why would we not expect these same instincts from our donors? A lasting development effort finds… Read more →

Don’t run and hide

For many organizations, collaborating with other non-profit partners on projects and possibly even funding ventures seems daunting. However, so many non-profit leaders are maxed-out on time and resources trying to put together programs, funding, and manage teams. Working together can be a great way to do more with less and share our limited resources fairly. Having strong partnerships can also… Read more →

2 quick and (relatively) painless ways your board can grow your donor base

Board members can make all the difference in building valuable relationships that lead to increased financial resources for your non-profit.  Each member brings individual talents and connections but there is one action every member can take to raise your organization’s profile in the community. I am talking about the world’s largest professional network: LinkedIn.  Does your non-profit have a company… Read more →

What do Bill and Melinda Gates Talk About

Originally posted by Chris Ranney on Ranney Coaching & Consulting.  Kristof: Bill and Melinda Gates’ pillow talk | The Press Democrat We all want to make a difference in the world. We all do the best we can, with the talent, time and resources we have. Bill & Melinda Gates have put their money largesse to work not just for… Read more →

Looking for Inspiration? Read about this amazing young woman…

Originally posted by Chris Ranney on Ranney Coaching & Consulting.  There are times when stories about people just stop you in your tracks. This is one of them. Anna Bachman’s life ended tragically in 2014. Her family and her friends started an organization in her memory to honor Anna’s passion to help people find housing and food. This is true… Read more →