2 quick and (relatively) painless ways your board can grow your donor base

Board members can make all the difference in building valuable relationships that lead to increased financial resources for your non-profit.  Each member brings individual talents and connections but there is one action every member can take to raise your organization’s profile in the community.

I am talking about the world’s largest professional network: LinkedIn.  Does your non-profit have a company profile on LinkedIn?  If not, I highly encourage you to create one.  It should not take much…beyond your logo, mission, and contact info.

Step 1:  Once you have created your company profile on LinkedIn, Send a message to your board members and key staff members with a link to your organization’s LinkedIn page.  Ask them to follow the organization with one click.

Step 2:  Ask your board members to update their LinkedIn personal profile to include “Board Member, Your Organization.”  That simple action now features your non-profit on board member profiles which are connected to hundreds of other organizations and individuals.

The next time you are conducting some research on an individual or business, you may be surprised to see a 1st connection through a board member.