The Value of Donor-Centered Development

I am a firm believer that charitable giving by individuals is intrinsic and inherent in our nature.  The definition of Philanthropy is, “Love of Mankind.”  The sense of fulfillment that comes from helping others often motivates those who work in the non-profit world.  So why would we not expect these same instincts from our donors?

A lasting development effort finds success when there is a focus on the donor, particularly communicating their value to your organizations and its work.  

Here are three appropriate phrases from Donor Centered Fundraising, by Penelope Burk

  1. “We received your generous gift, and we are so very pleased you gave it to us.”
  2. “The resources you provided us are being used exactly in the way you intended.”
  3. “The project you are supporting is having a positive effect.”

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