Who You Want To Be


Are you a newly formed start-up with a shared mission that is searching for a way to survive? Are you a successful organization that is struggling to maintain new growth? Or are you an established, mature non-profit that seeks to stay relevant? Next Step Advocates provides the expertise and experience to move beyond your challenges and establish a culture of  maximum impact.


Congratulations!  You have launched an organization of committed volunteers with a shared passion.   Do you seek to define your next steps for sustainable growth and mission-centered advancement?

You have experienced success in fundraising, program support and visibility.  Do you have strategies in place to maximize your gains?

With maturity  comes wisdom.  How do you avoid institutional fatigue and foster innovative approaches?  Are your programs still relevant to your stakeholders and your mission?

We work with organizations of all types and sizes and are here to provide flexible support to fit your needs. We have experience working directly with non profits in agriculture, arts, education, environment and research,  faith-based organizations and health and human services.