PR Program

Next Step Advocates can ensure that important media and public experts know about the launch of a new program, an event, or fundraising campaign through our PR program. We can also help you assemble the essential items you will need to run a PR program yourself or respond to any media claims. All of our work can be tailored to your specific needs and budget. If you want some, all, or part of these services, we can put together a quote for you free of charge.


Media Kit

Be ready for any questions or inquiries from the media with a media kit about your organization. A media kit is a brief, usually 3-5 page, document which summarizes what your organization does, the impact it has, and why it matters. Media kits are designed to answer all general questions that a reporter or blogger would have about your organization. They also include photos of your work, team members, impact, and all of your organization’s social media resources.


Organization or Program Launch

We can get the word out about the launch or your new organization or program to the right people. Our advocates build a detailed database of media contacts in the areas that cover the work you do. In some cases these may be regional, community, scientific, arts, education, or a combination of several categories. We then reach out to each contact to let them know about your launch and why it is important to their readers and followers. Our team coordinates the follow up with these media contacts including scheduling media interviews to ensure your launch gets as much coverage as possible. This can all be coordinated with our social media work as well so all of the messaging is clear, consistent, and heard.


Event Launch

If you are throwing a new or annual event and want to get people excited we also have event promotion services. Promotional efforts are designed based on your timeline and goals. With that in mind, we are happy to provide you with an outlined plan and quote free of charge.


Social Media

Maintaining an active presence on social media may sound easy but it can require a great deal of time and energy. We can help put together a social media calendar which can be used by your team to leverage sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In some cases, we even directly manage our clients social media accounts under their supervision.


Fundraising or Crowdfunding Campaign

The success of a crowdfunding or fundraising campaign is very often directly related to the amount of energy and excitement generate in the community about the work or project. Campaigns need to be planned as a whole so that momentum continues throughout the entire campaign and doesn’t fade away after the first week. We can create and execute a strategy and timeline for a fundraising campaign to ensure that your campaign reaches existing and new supporters and that they feel as excited about the work you are doing as you are.