Engaging Young Professionals

Young professionals often engage with non-profits differently than older generations. Organizations that want to grow a community of young supporters need to develop programs, events, and communications that resonate with people in their 20’s and 30’s.

Next Step Advocates understands that “millennials” are not a monolithic audience and have helped a number of organizations identify and connect with young people who are passionate about their work and mission.


Marketing and Social Media 

Next Step Advocates help teams find and understand young supporters who may be new to philanthropy and interested in their cause. Cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with a younger generation is absolutely key to sustaining an organization in the long term.

In our experience, social media and marketing are among the most misunderstood and underestimated jobs within an organization. We can help review, revise, or develop marketing and development materials to ensure that they are engaging to everyone without appearing to pander or patronize. In some cases, we develop marketing and social media strategies with non-profit staff so they can build internal expertise.


Events and Corporate Partnerships

Fundraising and events that attract a broad audience, ones that include younger supporters, often need to be publicized and planned in different ways. Cultivating a large group of young professionals also opens new possibilities for corporate sponsors.

Young professionals also often have matched giving programs with their employers. Making it easy for them to utilize this match giving can be a new and important funding source. Next Step Advocates works with organizations to help them develop the materials and knowledge necessary to make the most of these opportunities.


Succession Planning 

Creating a diverse team and community of supporters makes organizations dynamic and resourceful. Attracting and developing young team members is both fulfilling and necessary for the long term survival of an organization. Next Step Advocates works with executive directors and boards to plan for the next generation and develop future leaders now.