How We Work

Following the model of a guild, Next Step Advocates is an association of professionals with the common goal of supporting non-profit organizations.  Each independent consultant is a leader in their specialty.

We generally work with organizations in three ways.

Next-Step-Advocates-blocks-bwA La Carte – Per Project

Some groups come to us and need help with a discrete project or event like a fundraiser, board meeting or annual campaign. In these cases, we usually charge a one-time fee so you know exactly what to expect.

Project Based – As-Needed

For some activities, such as fund development, communications and strategic planning, organizations want us to be available for advisement or ready to take on projects as they arise.

Partner – On-Going

We also work with some organizations more closely and provide longer term support in certain areas such as fundraising program design, donor cultivation and management, board education about outreach, managing programs and development by leadership.